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Well Trajectory Planning


Business Problem

Planning new wells is a safety critical activity for Oil & Gas companies involving multi-million dollar decisions.

Most companies plan them like this:

A team of specialists looks at aspects of a well. They work in their silos, and handovers between them lead to miscommunication and slowness because there’s bias and lots of opinions.

The result is only a few options to choose from. Risks are often not or poorly quantified. And robustness checks can not be done simply because the teams have run out of time.


Use Game AI approach to explore the full option space, to quantify risk versus reward and to make better and faster decisions.

ScaleFrom exploration, appraisal and infill wells to full field developments - there are often a huge number of well trajectory options that can be considered.Functional silosIndividual experts work in their silos and often lack the incentive to really communicate across functional boundaries.312The result is a slow and iterative process that results in poor quality decision makingResultHuman biasTechnical skills and experience are critical for good decisions. But experts always have some bias based on previous experience and organisational incentives.Different opinionsBusiness priorities are not always clear and often competing (safety vs cost vs value). Functional KPIs may further complicate the decision-making.4!!

Well Trajectory Planning


Game AI

We have turned well trajectory planning into a collaborative game.

The team’s knowhow is translated into a set of game components and movement rules.

Our custom-built AI plays the game and screens millions of trajectories in minutes.

From new wells and side tracks, horizontal and slanted wells, to existing platforms and new locations. From single well projects to infill developments with hundreds of wells. All screened at lightning speed.

Results are presented in a user friendly dashboard to enable quality decisions.

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