Decisions in the Energy Industry are complex.

Integration is essential. Opinions matter a lot. Stakes are high.

Yet - decisions support is stuck in the 80s.

We rely on manual ways of working & spreadsheets to support multi million dollar decisions.

We offer something better

The latest AI excels at Games.

Game AI achieves superhuman performance
in games like Chess, Go, and Poker.

We use our insider knowledge to convert business problems into Games.

We then use the latest Game AI to master these Games. Which then solves the underlying business problems.

What we provide is a step change
in decision quality and speed.

What you get is how good looks like.

Game AI in the Energy industry

Complex decisions are widespread in the Energy industry.
Since complex decisions are everywhere, our Game AI can be applied everywhere too -
across the entire Energy industry spectrum.

Application demos

Browse our web demos below to explore just a few examples of where our Game AI assistant can give superior decision quality and speed.